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There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to marijuana. It’s been kept on the down low for such a long time that not many people know what the plant is all about. So to shed light on some of the history of marijuana I put together some weed facts!

– How much energy does 2.2 pounds of weed take to grow indoors? The same amount that it takes to drive across the U.S. ten times in a car that gets 22 miles per gallon. (source)

– In some places cannabis plants can be seen as a weed, one that you don’t want. You can find them growing all over the place. They use it to feed the livestock and with all of the health benefits that the raw marijuana plant is said to have, that seems like a great alternative to what is feed to livestock in most of the world.

– While Eskimos have 100 words for snow, Americans have over 200 words for marijuana. Some examples include, cannabis, mary jane, weed, ganja, herb, grass, pot, refer, bud, chiba, dank etc, etc, etc…

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– Cannabis is known to be grown in two distinct ways. One for its THC properties (the psychoactive ingredient in pot and another as a building block to many things called Hemp).

– They did a study on spiders and the effects that certain drugs had on them. While the spiders where high on marijuana they would build messy webs, were easily distracted and gave up easily. High on LSD they would spin highly geometric webs with more detail than when they were sober.

– In 1977 there was a plane carrying six tons of marijuana that crashed in Yosemite. A group of rock climbers found and salvaged the weed. By the time the police showed up, most of the weed was gone.

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– Scientists have found that a marijuana compound can freeze and stop the spread of some types of aggressive cancer.

– A large group of Chilean miners got trapped underground for quite some time. They managed to drill a hole to send down rations and included in those rations was weed!

– Cannabis seeds were used as a food source in China as early as 6000 B.C.

Come back later for some more weed facts!

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